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My Story: Mercury Poisoning and Two Infected Root Canals

Born 6/28/1947 in northern NY.
I took very good care of my teeth, and yet had a much higher than average number of fillings, root canals and crowns.

• 06/1965: High School Graduation; Regents with Honors and full tuition scholarship

• 09/65 – 01/67: Marymount College, Tarrytown NY: (Pre-med)

• 02/1967 - 06/1967: State University of New York at Potsdam NY: (Pre-med)

07/01/1967: Married

04/13/1968: Birth of first son, Todd

• 09/1968 - 06/1969: State University of New York at Potsdam NY: (Pre-med, Teaching Certification)

08/4/1970: Birth of second son, Noah

• 06/1969 - 06/1970: University of Rhode Island: (Literature, Psychology, And Logic)

• 09/1972 - 06/1976: State University of New York at Potsdam Bachelor's Degree: (Pre-Med, Teaching Certificate)

1972 – 1977: I designed, and with my sons and husband, constructed an energy efficient home on 55 acres.

I was an artist, potter, award winning weaver, spinner, dyer, calligrapher, water colorist, organic gardener, gourmet cook, couture seamstress.

I knew then, as I know now, that the earth is our body, the trees are the other side of our breathing. There was a great love and tender care for all earthly things. Our time is very short here, too short for hating or harming. I was one of those beings who threw myself in front of children, animals and trees, to protect them, one of those people who begged others not to pour poison on their yards, in their homes, and not to eat MSG, and nutrasweet. Only great love, patience and great care can help us to live each day here and now in simple joy, simple presence, serving whatever appears in front of us, as best as we can. Ahimsa means that one intends no harm in any direction. It means gratitude for everything. When one realizes to the depth of the core of their being, that absolutely everything one gets, learns or becomes will be lost, maybe as soon as tomorrow, then everything and every moment becomes precious.

• 01/1979 - 06/1979 Cayuga County Community College: (Computer Science)

08/1979: Divorced. My sons and I moved to Washington State from Marcellus, NY

• 09/1979 - 06/1980 Olympia Technical Community College: (Computer Science)

• 1979 - 1992: I worked for the Washington State Department of Information Services as a Computer Systems Analyst and Project Lead. I designed, built, and maintained the Budget, Allotment and Labor Distribution Systems for Washington State. I was a Project Lead for Information Engineering. I loved working with others to create impeccably good systems. People trusted me. My word was honest.

I performed major parts of the construction and did the landscaping on an energy efficient home in Olympia.

For many years, we enjoyed exceptional health. I grew our food organically and baked our bread. I walked 4 miles every morning. We loved camping and cross country skiing.

1985 – 1990: Many visits to chiropractors for debilitating neck pain and migraine headaches; Large clumps of hair would fall out all at once; Hypoglycemia with low blood sugar; panic; Problems with night blindness/tunnel vision. Large chunks of my teeth were breaking off once or twice each year. I was unable to straighten my neck.

1987: I began to loose the feeling of being healthy. I went to a reflexologist, Hannelore Helbang Schaffe, among others. She suggested that I might have mercury poisoning and told me not to eat tuna fish. I cut down on tuna fish.

1987: Multiple visits to a chiropractor/homeopath/polarity therapist in Tacoma

1987 – 1991: Group Health Visits: Heart pounding, Cysts/Growths/Infections on the face, Thyroid Problems (All symptoms of Mercury Poisoning)

Starting in 1989, I was requesting that the many work responsibilities, which I had previously enjoyed, be taken from me. My health was deteriorating very rapidly. All my non-work time was being spent in attempting to get well enough to get through another work day. I was spending a lot of time outside in the winter rain, attempting to cool the body down and purify it. I was beginning to loose strength and function in the whole left side of the body, and experiencing very severe chronic back and neck pain. I was also experiencing multiple chemical sensitivities. I was using juice fasts, hydrotherapy, herbs, vitamins, adaptogens and bed rest to attempt to pull my health together. I was chasing one symptom after another: heart throbbing, repeated facial infections/cysts, inability to focus eyes, hair loss in large patches, back, neck and jaw pain, swollen lymph nodes in left neck and jaw, loss of circulation and fine motor movement in extremities, thyroid problems, debilitating migraine headaches, exhaustion, excessive perspiration, and liver and kidney problems.

I thought my problems might be attributable to dental x-rays, as I was ill for a long time after each visit to the dentist. Then I thought maybe working 50 to 60 hours per week in state office buildings with thick formaldehyde fumes, under fluorescent lights with the radiation of many computers and no ability to open windows might be destroying my ability to function.

Despite continual regimens to purify body and mind, my underwear, underarm clothing and bed sheets were deteriorating from toxic sweat. A large pocket developed under the left eye. The head was constantly turned and bent to the left, as I could not straighten the neck. I was brushing my teeth so often and vigorously that I was damaging the enamel. Plaque was building on the teeth overnight. There was a constant metallic taste in the mouth and I was constantly extremely thirsty, with a sticky, swollen tongue. The mouth felt like a battery, with electrical shocks going throughout the whole head and neck. While sleeping, I was grinding my teeth and clenching my jaws during the day. I told my sons that I thought I was dying, and instructed them concerning my burial.

1989: Letter of thanks from Christine Gregoire for the design, development and installation of Labor Distribution for the Department of Ecology and other state agencies

1990: Award from Governor Gardner for Outstanding Service to the State of WA

05/14/1991: Crown and Root Canal: Dr. John S. Weaver, Olympia WA

(From 1990 through the present, this life has been a very sad affair. There has been no joy, no laughter, no Christmases, Thanksgivings, Easters or birthdays, just a 24 hours/day, 7 days a week wishing to die, to escape the suffering. It has been very difficult not to commit suicide.)

1991: (Fall) With the overnight onset of serious periodontal disease, Dr. Weaver sent me to Dr. Monty D. Tolman, Olympia WA, who scraped my teeth and ground all the fillings down and sent me to Dr. Dolgash DDS, Olympia WA to have my perfectly healthy unfilled wisdom teeth pulled. After the grinding down of the teeth, (releasing excess amounts of mercury) I became mentally and physically dysfunctional. I felt as though my head would blow up like a bomb. I suffered continual severe migraine headaches with regurtitation/dry heaves/passing out, mental depression and shutdown and general physical illness. Poisons were coming through the face and there was very great pain in the face. Neck pain was much worse. Muscles were firing erratically. I lost the hearing in the left ear. I was blacking out and falling without notice. I was resting in bed whenever there was nothing I had to do. (Spring 1991 was the last time that I slept peacefully.)

11/1991: Dr. John S. Weaver: Excessive teeth clenching/grinding/battery sensation in mouth/strong electrical shocks throughout head and neck, Serious periodontal disease (Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning)
06/1992: Dr. John S. Weaver
01/21/92: Dr. Monty D. Tolman
10/30/92: Dr. Monty D. Tolman

09/1992: I left my job with WA Department of Information Services, feeling ashamed and guilty that I could no longer complete the work.

• 09/1992 – 06/1993: Attended Bastyr Health Sciences University, Seattle, Naturopathic Medical School (in order to attempt to find an answer to my health problems myself). During the year, I was experiencing left jaw and neck pain, swollen lymph nodes in neck and under left jaw, severe joint problems, circulation and motor control problems in extremities, mental blanking out, and exhaustion.

From 1992 onwards, I had no health or dental insurance, and was living alone.

7/93: Dr. Bing Zhou, acupuncturist, told me that I shouldn’t be attempting to attend school as she felt I was “burning up on the inside”. There was excessive heat and redness in the oral cavity.

10/93: I awoke one morning and the ability to think, to function mentally was gone. I felt I had suffered a mental breakdown of some sort, (but now feel that the mercury and root canal infection had invaded and were destroying the brain). All lifelong patterns of living, sleep/wake patterns, thought and verbal patterns were totally disrupted. I was having insane nightmares, as though someone had taken many rolls of film and cut them into individual frames and mixed them all together. I was seeing each frame that was disconnected from the ones before and after. I was unable to return to Bastyr.

I might begin to wash dishes and find them in the sink a week later, and not remember what I had been doing for a week. People kept asking me how I got my face so sunburned in the winter. I had always been very quiet, but found myself constantly jabbering, feeling insane, terrified. My abilities to function, physically and mentally, were very seriously impaired from this point onward, and the body was in excruciating pain. All my top front teeth moved forward. I would close all doors/windows and scream and scream from the pain. From earliest childhood, I had loved to be outside, but now I found myself freezing and shaking and wanting to hide.

9/93 -3/94 I worked at housecleaning, hoping to regain my ability to function mentally and physically.

1995: Worked for WA Department of Labor and Industries, the Community College Consortium and an Attorney, Maple Valley WA

I was experiencing tremendous shame at the inability to control the body/mind. Early menopause, after copious hemorrhaging for 4 months. I was blacking out without notice, and becoming panicky about the possibility of harming someone with my car. There were continual injuries from falls. Extreme difficulty eating. Digestion of food was difficult. Chronic burning diarrhea. Debilitating migraine headaches accompanied with regurgitating and dry heaves, and black outs for days at a time. The eyes felt like two hot coals, photophobia, periods of blindness, deafness in left ear. Thinking clearly was becoming impossible. I was wetting the bed and found it difficult to control kidney function during the day. All left body function was very minimal. The liver was rock hard and swollen.

1996: Dr. John Weaver discovered an infected root canal when his tool went through the jaw. I remember him speaking at length about the dangers of mercury poisoning and telling me not to commit suicide.

1996: Infected root canal pulled: Dr. Monty D. Tolman. I felt so hopeful that I would get well again, now that the problem was found, but my health continued to deteriorate.

1996: I worked for an attorney in Maple Valley WA

All the symptoms above continued. I was getting lost, finding myself, having driven somewhere, without any idea of where I was or any memory of having driven there. The body was constantly freezing and shaking, the head and left side in constant pain. Debilitating migraines/dry heaves/blacking out continued. The face was showing tremendous pain. Inability to stand up straight or rest/relax as all muscles were shortening and firing erratically. My ability to reason, think and remember was absent. Pictures of me at this time look like an Alzheimer’s patient. I stopped driving anywhere, unless absolutely necessary.

There is the horrible spiral with this type of poisoning: too sick to work consistently, no money to pay for food, clothing, dental/medical care, utilities, enormous shame, guilt and sorrow about being unable to be a productive member of society, to keep one's word, to control one's thought/speech/bodily behavior, to pay one's bills.

1997: I helped my son, Todd, part time, to repair and paint his newly purchased home. I didn’t have a permanent job, health insurance or the means to buy food, pay bills and care for myself.

9/15/98: Broken Ankle: I was pushed into a ditch by a vehicle and right ankle was badly broken

1999: Treatment by Lois Blank, Cranio-Sacral Therapist

2002: Yard work for 6 months for my son Todd

2002 - 2003: I had pneumonia for over a year; lost my voice for four months

1999 – 2006: Frequent blacking out and falling without notice and continual injuries to spine and head. I was almost blind, and had photophobia, was almost deaf in left ear, unable to control bodily functions, wetting the bed, wetting my pants, profuse perspiration and exhaustion. Extreme difficulty with all motor functions, as muscles were tightening erratically. There were excruciating muscle cramps. The body was very cold, and I would wear a wool sweater and turtleneck even on the hottest days of summer. Excessive shaking and lack of motor control. (Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning)

2002: I collapsed onto a brick floor, crushed the back of the skull and injured my back. Tiny moments of clarity began to appear and I held onto them for dear life. I began to be able to see again, to do research and attempt to discover what had happen to me.

2003: While attempting to work part time at housecleaning, I splashed caustic Superclean in my eyes. I experienced very serious vision problems for about 1 year.

Each time I would attempt to detox, I would fall into a coma for three to four days, in unbelievable pain, migraine headache/throwing up/dry heaves. I didn't understand that I had mercury poisoning and that the detox would bring the mercury out of the tissues to do more damage to the body, then redeposit.

9/04 - 5/05: Part time work for food and a warm place to stay. A friend paid for chiropractic treatments from Wendy Schauer DC and spinal x-rays. I have serious arthritis from the mercury and root canal toxins and the trauma of repeated falls.

6/05 – 9/06: Unable to sit/stand/walk from extreme pain in neck/back/hips/left leg. I was living on the floor, like a lizard.

5/8/2006: Second infected root canal pulled: Olympia Union Gospel Mission

9/7/06: Second Piece of second infected root canal pulled: Dr. Albert C. Goerig DDS MS PS (Done as pro bono - thank you Dr. Goerig)

There are no words to express the suffering, the despair and sorrow, the sense of meaninglessness in all this. I was blessed with a very high I.Q., many talents, boundless energy and a good heart. I repeatedly attempted to get help from both doctors and dentists and any other health practitioner who I thought might find the answer to my problems. I was called a liar and offered psychotropic medications.

The denial around these issues is enormous.

I have hoped with my whole heart that the devastating effects of poisoning from mercury and infected root canals would become more widely known. The problems are compounded when various metals are placed in one's oral cavity. With saliva, they create a battery effect, releasing even greater quantities of mercury, and causing electrical shocks throughout the head and neck. Medical and dental lies and mistreatment and the abandonment of friends and family are very sad and difficult to bear with when one is very seriously poisoned.

I hope my story will help others. Please don't rely on doctors and dentists to tell you that you have mercury poisoning and help you. My dentist knew and feared the dangers of mercury exposure. He told me of dentists' high breakdown, suicide and death rate, and the measures he took to protect himself. Why did all the doctors and dentists I saw fail to see the signs of mercury poisoning in me?

I am on disability now and hope to be able to have the remaining mercury and root canals removed. I hope to rediscover the deep, abiding peace, joy and presence that I remember.

I feel that we all need a more holistic way of listening, hearing it all, without judgment. I was unable to find help because dentists told me that it was a body problem and "Your teeth have nothing to do with the body." Doctors kept saying "It's a dental problem and has nothing to do with the body." Psychologists said it was a mental problem and kept wanting to put me on psychotropic drugs. They all came to the table with their protocols. Not one was willing or able to listen to all the symptoms. If someone had done that, with a little research they would have known that it was mercury poisoning. I was experiencing about 85% of the symptoms listed elsewhere on this blog. To listen from the silence in the Heart is to activate an intuition, a wisdom, that knows more than one "knows".

Deep Regards...... May all Hearts awaken.

After many years of searching, I have found the best mercury-free biologic dentist ever. If you live in Western Washington, ask, and I will send you his name and number.

Organic Germanium GE 132 is one of the best supplements I've found for detoxing and healing from chronic heavy metal poisoning. The best prices I've found are at

Alpha Lipoic acid with additional vitamins C and E are also of tremendous help.


A. said...

It is heart breaking to listen to your story.
After removing mercury from your teeth, follow the chelation protocol described by Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, PE in his groundbreaking book "Amalgam Illness - Diagnosis and Treatment". More on this here:
Do not subscribe to other chelation protocols because they do not work.

I wish you get well completely and very soon!

Anonymous said...

Thank you a lot. I'm considering wether I should get my amalgam fillings removed or not. I've finally come to the decision to give it a try, better to prevent than to recover. You are a true inspiration to me. Take care!

Anonymous said...

God Bless you for not giving up. I also believe I am being poisened from a root canal. I will pursue it thanks to you! Tricia

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm so sorry for your pain..I have alot of pain too. Thank you for sharing your story. I got root canals,5,couldn't afford the caps,one of them broke yesterday..I also have mercury fillings too..I, like you took care of my teeth..I don't understand? Now..I,like you have to have the 5 root canals pulled out..and the mercury taken out..this really sucks,that they do this to people. You will be in my prayers..that your health is restored. God bless you!

abc said...

u are really a great persona!thankyou for sharing ur life with us, it will be a lesson for all of us with dental fillings.I wish you a lot more happiness now!!

abc said...

Thank you so much for was an eyeopener....thank you and really wish you a very happy life.

Anonymous said...

On Monday I will be having all my root canals and an implant and all fillings removed. I have mercury poisoning. It has been a long 2 years but I go to a wonderful dr that looked in my mouth and said the metal has to come out. I am looking forward to feeling healthy again and not having a rash all over my face and head.

Anonymous said...

I have suffered with panic attacks for 20 years, now on medication that keeps it in check..........But in the last 2 years, I have experienced: jaw pain, loss of balance, memory loss (long term and short term),frequent urination, anxiety, not knowing where is while driving and forgetting the name of my dog. I am not diabetic and a well known neurologist says I need a tweeking of my anxiety meds. The more I read about mercury poisoning, the more I think that is the problem. I am currently looking for a Dr. specializing in this affliction and also I need to find out which mercury lab test is conclusive. Be Good, mark

Carey said...

Hi Mark,
Your symptoms sure sound like mercury poisoning.
The only chelation protocol that I know of that does not do serious harm is that of Andrew Hall Cutler, Ph.D.

The best help I've found is

They help each other with questions. They use the hair tests and mercury chelation protocol of Andrew Hall Cutler.

Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities

If you are not sure if mercury is a problem (e.g. ambiguous hair test), some trial chelation rounds will show if mercury is an issue. See "When you are not sure if there is a mercury problem."

Help with interpreting your Hair Test:

You may want towatch these videos:

Good luck to you,

Dr.DevineSeattleChiropractor said...

Classic symptoms of Mercury poisoning, according to the Environmental Protection Agency include: impairment of the peripheral vision, disturbances in sensations, such as "pins and needles" feelings, numbness, lack of coordination, movements, such as writing, impairment of speech, hearing, walking, muscle weakness, skin rashes, mood swings, anxiety, depression, memory loss and mental disturbances. If you have any of these symptoms, you could be suffering from mercury poisoning and shoud consider having any amalgam fillings removed.

Dr.DevineSeattleChiropractor said...

Classic symptoms of Mercury poisoning, according to the Environmental Protection Agency include: impairment of the peripheral vision, disturbances in sensations, such as "pins and needles" feelings, numbness, lack of coordination, movements, such as writing, impairment of speech, hearing, walking, muscle weakness, skin rashes, mood swings, anxiety, depression, memory loss and mental disturbances. If you have any of these symptoms, you could be suffering from mercury poisoning and shoud consider having any amalgam fillings removed.

Carey said...

The list of symptoms I placed here:

is much more specific and complete.

Anonymous said...

If I have the fillings removed, what can they be replaced with that is safe? Also, if you have had a root canal and have a cap, are the implants safe??

Carey said...

My mercury free dentist had me do the "Dental Materials Reactivity Screening Panel" to find which dental materials are compatible with my body.

Usually there is mercury under a cap. If you don't feel it's harming your health, you may want to leave it alone. My infected root canals actually ate away part of my jaw.

Dental implants are not considered safe either, by many.

Good luck to you.

summa said...

For me, it's difficult to differentiate between the symptoms from the 2 infected root canals vs. the acute mercury poisoning.

Symptoms you could watch for, that I feel, that were connected to the infected root canals (and not from the mercury) are:

* Excruciating one-sided neck pain and headaches that felt as though they would actually blow my head apart.
* Extreme and fast build up of plaque on teeth
* Swollen, painful lymph glands under the chin on one side
* Extreme pain in the hip on one side
* (At one point, I was living on the floor, as I could not walk/sit/stand for more the a minute. As soon as the second root canal was pulled, I could walk/sit/stand again.)
* Overactive thyroid and the feeling of burning heat in the body, then after a couple years, freezing all the time.
* One of the infected root canals was discovered by my dentist because it had eaten through the jawbone.
* The infection also went into my brain.
* Photophobia and eventually almost blindness from the infection going into the eyes
* The infection damaged my hearing on one side. Earaches and feeling like my ear was full of water.
* Infection was coming through the skin on the face, on one side, the one-sided extreme aging on that side of the face. There were continual pimples, cysts and boils on my face.

When I took high doses of vitamin C and Echinacea Royal from Wise Woman Herbals, I would feel SO MUCH BETTER. Possibly this would be a good test to see what is the felt sense of health when dosing up on these two things. If symptoms seem to abate from C/Echinacea, then one might assume infected root canals.
Warm regards, linda

Anonymous said...

Though not so serious or debilitating as your story, a friend connected me with information from Dr. Hal Huggins and Dr. Huda Clark (now passed). After a lot of research and study, I went to Tijuana (cost me $5K not $96K as wanted in US), had all my uppers and 2/3s of lowers pulled and SPECIALLY had the ligaments removed -- ALL root canal teeth have a ligament connection with the jaw bone, if not they will impact the immune system negatively: in US dentists are not trained to remove the ligament with extractions. I had to have these removed with the 'cavitaton' proceedure. It takes time, persistance, and luck to be fully informed. Good luck to you all with biological dentists -- but do your study first, don't depend on any health professional to be your god -- you have to be fully informed.

Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings- Class Action said...

Just ordered my Germanium.Thank God!
I think everything happens for a reason and this is our purpose to expose the evil behind these criminal practices. I have started a class action lawsuit that anyone can sign up for. It is in the initial phase but at least its a start.
Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings- Class Action

Mark said...

Thank you so much for your story.

I have had a lot of dental work done over the years and have suffered from mercury toxicity for many years.

I had all my mercury removed a few years ago from a biological dentist in Seattle, but still have 2 root canals that may be causing me issues. Who is the biological dentist you found? I live in Seattle, WA and need advice on what I should do about my root canals. I wanted them removed but replaced with safe materials. I have been having issues detoxing the mercury from my body and I feel the root canals may be the reason I am not able to fully detox. Thanks

Carey said...

Hi Mark,

Dr. Xu and his staff are the most competent I have ever encountered. I promise you won't regret making an appointment with him.

He removed all the rest of my root canals (even those that didn't look to be a problem) at my insistence. He is an honest man.

Dr. Shaofan K. Xu, DDS
5038 Tacoma Mall Blvd, Tacoma, WA 98409
Phone:(253) 473-2166


Mark said...

Have you noticed any improvements after you got the rest of your root canals removed? Did you have them replaced with implants or did you just extract them? Thanks for the info.


Carey said...

Improvements after the rest of the root canals removed:

Episodes of incompacitation (excruciating headaches/regurgitating/passing out)became less and less frequent and have now stopped entirely.

Just extractions, no implants.

Glenn Rice said...

Carey, I'm so sorry to hear of your terrible misfortune. Having faced increasing physical and psychological illness myself, I have recently found out that I also suffer from mercury poisoning. I am seeing a holistic dentist for the first time this Saturday to address amalgam removal and possible root canal replacement. After that I intend to detoxify using the Andrew Cutler chelation protocol. I notice that there is no mention of the AC protocol in your post, although it is regarded as the safest and most effective protocol for detoxing from mercury. Do you know of it? If not, I urge you to google it. For now, thank you for sharing your story, and I sincerely wish you improving health and happiness. Glenn Rice